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Friday, March 04, 2016

Osorio-Moreno: 120 month sentence for illegal reentry is not unreasonable

In U.S. v. Osorio-Moreno, No. 14-14447 (March 1, 2016), the Court rejected the argument that a 120-month sentence was substantively unreasonable for a defendant convicted of unlawful reentry after deportation, with a guideline range of 51-63-months. The Court noted that the defendant had 20 prior criminal convictions and six of these convictions were not counted in his 16 criminal history points. The Court noted that it had previously upheld large upward deviations based solely on an offender’s extensive criminal history, citing U.S. v. Shaw, U.S. v. Sanchez, and U.S. v. Rosales-Bruno. “Osorio has engaged in a life of crime, with a staggering 20 convictions, and the district court reasonably concluded that Osorio’s guideline range understated his criminal history.”