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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Young: Battery Involving Fluids is 4B1.1 crime of violence

In U.S. v. Young, No. 07-14780 (May 19, 2008), the Court held that a prior Florida state conviction for "Battery of a Child Involving Fluids" qualifies as a crime of violence for purposes of the career offender enhancement, USSG § 4B1.1. The Court noted that a "crime of violence" involves the use of "physical force." The Court noted that "physical force" is different from "violent force." The statute at issue requires the violator to cause the child to come into contact with bodily fluids by "throwing, tossing, projecting, or expelling" the fluids, that is, it requires a physical act, directed against a person, and the "minimal contact" of the impact of the fluids satisfies this requirement.